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16 Mar 20
Coffee, a drink cherished by many; a drink avoided by others. Tea, its main rival, seems to offer a bounty of better health benefits; a drink for the New Agers and those who want to escape the decadence of the brown, caffeinated addiction. The fact stands that tea can only be as beneficial as its preparation, which in some cases may have as much sugar as a can of soda.

In Blue Mountain Lake, New York, you will find a unique museum called the Adirondack Museum.

01 May 20

Cappuccino began in Italy where it is still a delight of the morning routine. The Italians can tell a tourist from a native because only a tourist will order a cappuccino after noon.

27 May 20

Coffee makers come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and abilities.

24 Jun 20

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28 Jul 20
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Be Aware of The Pitfalls When Working at Home
There are a lot of reasons you decided to work from home. At the time you made the decision, all those reasons sounded like wonderful solutions to the problems of working outside; commuting, childcare, and restrictive schedules, to name a few.
02 Aug 20
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Better Living Rooms with Feng Shui
The living room is the main room in most homes. Its where family and friends gather to spend time together. Its a fun, loving room full of lots of different interactions.
20 Aug 20
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Bulk Chocolate Mints Are Perfect For After Dinner
Bulk chocolate mints are the perfect item for those who are looking to enjoy an after dinner mint. For many people, these bulk mints help to perfectly end the meal and can help to cleanse your palette as well.
13 Sep 20
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Buying Organic Coffee
Organic coffee beans are a healthier and more natural alternative to regular coffee beans. Coffee is a $70 billion dollar industry worldwide making it the second most value commodity in the world behind crude oil.
28 Sep 20
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Cancer Prevention And What Green Tea Can Do
Most people are scared stiff of contracting cancer. That is perfectly understandable - who wants to spend a couple of years undergoing chemotherapy only to die a few years later? Or even if you recover it is a few years out of your life that have been worrying and gruelling.
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14 May 20
Wall TransfersNever forget the ingredients to your favourite dish again with handy kitchen wall transfers. Many specialist wall sticker websites supply a wide range of quirky, stylish wall transfers that are ideal for the kitchen. Add a touch of personality and create your very own transfer.
13 Jun 20
Making mornings bearable ever since the XIXth century, coffee has been a constant subject of development. Instant coffee became the perfect solution for the concept "coffee-on-the-go", the coffee maker soon brought the classical Caf to any household and the strength and savor of American coffee reached new levels of popularity.
22 Aug 20
If you were like many people you hit an afternoon slump. Concentration wanes and productivity drops severely. For many people this is a significant told on their business productivity. There's a simple relatively easy way to avoid this energy drain. Try feeding your brain instead of your mouth. Coffee, sodas and energy drinks just don't have the same affect that super nutrition can give you.
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03 Jun 20
In the previous era, there was only possible to enjoy one taste of tea or coffee but with the arrival of reusable tea filters, it has become easier for tea aficionados to begin tasting different flavors of tea because they always utilize an amazing tea making system.
17 Jul 20
When you think of a coffee house, the first thing, which might come to mind, would be a cozy place serving gourmet coffees and espressos, couches to lounge on while you sip your coffee and maybe engage in a conversation with a friend or read a good book.
18 Sep 20
Lets face it, a big part of the enjoyment of coffee is its smell. Coffee drinkers can hardly imagine life without the aroma emanating from that freshly brewed pot first thing in the morning.For some extremists, the next question is whether they can take that concept and actually roast their beans at home, rather than buying the roasted beans at the store and only brewing them.
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