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October 10, 2020
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Caring For Coffee Machines And Coffee

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Coffee machines are a great addition to the home or workplace. They enable you to enjoy an authentic tasting coffee without having to rely on instant coffee granules. There are many different types and styles of machine available which means that you can find the one that perfectly meets your budget and your taste in coffee style. It is important that you care for your coffee machine properly, as this is one factor that will determine how good every cup you make will taste.

The coffee you buy also needs to be well cared for. Follow instructions on the packet but generally you need to keep it stored out of direct sunlight and in an appropriate container. Don't get too carried away buying large quantities, either, because good coffee can go off quickly. Buy little amounts more often to continue enjoying the great taste.

The way in which you store your coffee will depend on how quickly you consume it but you should always store coffee in an airtight, glass container and away from direct sunlight. If you intend to consume the coffee within a week then it is OK to leave it at room temperature, otherwise keep your coffee in the fridge and try to make sure you consume it within a month of buying to enjoy a good, fresh, cup of coffee.

Before using coffee machines, you are advised to flush the machine through with hot water. This will remove air bubbles which can cause imperfections in the water temperature and in the coffee making process. It will also clear out any dust or debris that may have collected. If the coffee maker has been left standing for any period of time then this is especially important.

Coffee machines should be cleaned thoroughly after each use because this will remove any build up of oily residue. Only use fresh water and do not add any cleaning detergents or other cleaning products because this will effect the flavour of the coffee when you next use your coffee maker. Descale the machine every few months depending on how often you use it.


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