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November 18, 2020
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Coffee Beans as Wedding Decorations

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Using coffee beans in your wedding decorating is turning into a very classy choice for brides, and one to definitely consider. Not only will they be a beautiful choice for your wedding ceremony, they are also less costly than other fillers you can use. So, here are some great ideas you can use to incorporate coffee beans into your wedding decorations and centerpieces.

1. Candles and Coffee Beans - This one is used most often, and is the easiest to incorporate. Simply fill the bottom of your glass candle holder with coffee beans, and place a candle of any color in the center to be lit. You can also use several tea light candles instead of a large candle to save you some money, and it adds romantic lighting.

2. Flowers and Coffee Beans - For your wedding flower decorations, fill the bottom of a glass vase with coffee beans, and place your flowers into the vase so that they are sitting in the coffee beans. You can use either real flowers or silk (silk won't wilt due to lack of water)

3. Circle of Coffee Beans - I've seen this done, and it is very elegant. Create a large centerpiece on the table, and fill shot glasses with coffee beans, and place them around the main centerpiece on the table. Now, this can be a bit of an overkill if you are planning on your main centerpiece being candles and coffee beans, but it will look great if you are using flowers.

4. Coffee Wedding Favors - The choices are limitless when it comes to coffee wedding favors, and it will also add color to your table. Create small packs of chocolate covered coffee beans, or regular coffee beans of your favorite brew, with a tag called Romantic Brew, or Love is Brewing, or some other cute coffee quote. Your guests will be able to enjoy this great wedding favor long after your wedding is over.

Once you buy your coffee beans for your wedding decorations, be sure to store them in medium sized air tight bags to keep them fresh and smelling great. Coffee beans are an excellent way to add color to your tables, especially if your wedding colors are pink and brown - or any color combination with brown. Those wedding colors are so popular, and knowing you can use coffee beans as a wedding combination makes many couples less nervous about choosing brown as a wedding color.


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