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May 14, 2020
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Add a creative twist to your kitchen with kitchen wall stickers

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Wall Transfers

Never forget the ingredients to your favourite dish again with handy kitchen wall transfers. Many specialist wall sticker websites supply a wide range of quirky, stylish wall transfers that are ideal for the kitchen. Add a touch of personality and create your very own transfer. If you move house or want to change your design, top quality stickers peel neatly off the wall without leaving any marks.

Want to make your kitchen the place to be during all house parties? Create a fun and exciting design that features the ingredients to your favourite cocktail or dish. Funny quotes such as 'save water, drink beer', 'wine a bit, you'll feel better'and 'wake up and smell the coffee', will create a talking piece and brighten up your day whenever you enter the kitchen.
Kitchen wall transfers can also be placed on island units, breakfast bars and mirrors with ease. Set the mood with black and white coffee cup and wine glass images, or brighten up your kitchen with colourful cocktail prints.

Kitchen wall stickers also make great gifts. Treat your mum and let her know that her fine cooking is really appreciated with a 'Mum's bistro' or 'queen of the kitchen' sticker. Quote stickers are available in a wide range of different fonts and text sizes to suit the style and size of your kitchen.

Grandmas will love the 'time for tea' quote and image wall stickers, which feature cute pictures of colourful teapots. Aspiring chefs or fans of Gordon Ramsey will find the 'if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen' quote and chef's hat image very apt.
Fitting Your Kitchen Wall Sticker

Fitting your kitchen wall sticker is a simple and quick process, whatever the size of your transfer. Included in all orders is a handy set of instructions to guide you through the exciting experience. Fit your wall sticker with ease in just five steps:

1.Place your sticker in the desired area and hold it in place with some masking tape.
2.Slightly raise the sticker and remove half the backing paper, so the tape acts like a hinge.
3.This is when the fun begins! - Apply the supplied squeegee to the image at a 45 degree angle, whilst slowly removing the backing paper.
4.Once the transfer is stuck to the wall, apply the squeegee again for extra adhesion.
5.Slowly peel the top layer away and begin enjoying your new sticker.

Other Wall Stickers

Of course, wall stickers aren't just limited to quotes. Add excitement, colour and creativity to any room with an exciting animal wall sticker. Dog lovers will adore the giant paws wall transfer which is available in a wide range of colours to suit the style of your room. Alternatively, why not add a touch of Africa to your office or living space with a large elephant, lion, tiger or giraffe image?


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