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28 Jul 20
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Be Aware of The Pitfalls When Working at Home
There are a lot of reasons you decided to work from home. At the time you made the decision, all those reasons sounded like wonderful solutions to the problems of working outside; commuting, childcare, and restrictive schedules, to name a few.You now have you home office arranged and you're enjoying the good life and all the benefits of working from home.Except...
02 Aug 20
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Better Living Rooms with Feng Shui
The living room is the main room in most homes. Its where family and friends gather to spend time together. Its a fun, loving room full of lots of different interactions. No room says more about you and your home than this one, so put this space to its best use and make it a room full of positive energy by following these simple Feng Shui steps. 1. Front Door.
20 Aug 20
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Bulk Chocolate Mints Are Perfect For After Dinner
Bulk chocolate mints are the perfect item for those who are looking to enjoy an after dinner mint. For many people, these bulk mints help to perfectly end the meal and can help to cleanse your palette as well. Because of their popularity, you may want to consider having this become a tradition in your own home or even to serve to your guests in a restaurant.
13 Sep 20
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Buying Organic Coffee
Organic coffee beans are a healthier and more natural alternative to regular coffee beans. Coffee is a $70 billion dollar industry worldwide making it the second most value commodity in the world behind crude oil. This sheer size of the industry's trade and ecological footprint means that coffee plantations have a huge environmental impact on the world.
28 Sep 20
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Cancer Prevention And What Green Tea Can Do
Most people are scared stiff of contracting cancer. That is perfectly understandable - who wants to spend a couple of years undergoing chemotherapy only to die a few years later? Or even if you recover it is a few years out of your life that have been worrying and gruelling. And not just for the patient but for friends and family as well.
10 Oct 20
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Caring For Coffee Machines And Coffee
Coffee machines are a great addition to the home or workplace. They enable you to enjoy an authentic tasting coffee without having to rely on instant coffee granules. There are many different types and styles of machine available which means that you can find the one that perfectly meets your budget and your taste in coffee style.
29 Oct 20
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Choosing The Right Side Table
A side table is neither a coffee table nor an end table. Rather, it is a table that can be distinct in an of itself, allowing you to stray from the status quo of a room and add a little panache of personality that is all your own. However, choosing the right side table still requires that you follow some general principles, or should we say guidelines.
18 Nov 20
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Coffee Beans as Wedding Decorations
Using coffee beans in your wedding decorating is turning into a very classy choice for brides, and one to definitely consider. Not only will they be a beautiful choice for your wedding ceremony, they are also less costly than other fillers you can use. So, here are some great ideas you can use to incorporate coffee beans into your wedding decorations and centerpieces.1.
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